Why does VA sometimes require a surety bond?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) sometimes requires a surety bond from businesses that contract with the agency. This can be confusing for business owners, so we wanted to take some time to explain why VA might require this type of bond and what it means for your business.

Why does VA sometimes require a surety bond? - An old soldier standing wearing his uniform.

VA Fiduciary Bonds Explained

A fiduciary bond is a type of surety bond that is required by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for individuals who have been appointed to serve as fiduciaries for veterans or beneficiaries. The purpose of the bond is to protect the veteran or beneficiary from any financial loss that may occur as a result of the fiduciary’s improper handling of their finances.

Tell me the VA custody bond?

The VA custody bond is a surety bond that is required by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for an individual to be eligible for VA benefits. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the recipient of VA benefits will not misuse or abuse those benefits.

What is a fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person who holds a legal or ethical relationship of trust with another person, in which the fiduciary agrees to act in good faith and the best interest of the other person. The term “fiduciary” comes from the Latin word for “trust.”

Who needs a VA fiduciary bond?

There are a few different types of situations where someone might need to get a VA fiduciary bond. For example, if you’re appointed as a fiduciary for a veteran who is unable to manage their benefits, you’ll need to get bonded.

Similarly, if you’re appointed as a fiduciary for an estate where a veteran is a decedent, you’ll also need to get bonded. In both of these cases, the bond protects the veteran’s assets from mismanagement or theft by the fiduciary.

Does the VA require a surety bond?

If you are a veteran or service member who is interested in starting your own business, you may be wondering if the VA requires a surety bond. The answer is that it depends on the type of business you are starting.

If you are starting a business that will provide services to the government, then you will need to obtain a surety bond. This is to protect the government in case you do not fulfill your contractual obligations.

Why is a surety bond necessary?

A surety bond is a form of insurance that protects the obligee against losses resulting from the principal’s failure to perform on the obligation. The principal is typically a business or individual who has been contracted to provide a service or product. The obligee is usually the party who contractually requires the bond, and can be either a private entity or a governmental body.

Are surety bonds a good idea?

On the plus side, surety bonds protect against losses incurred by the bonded party. This can give peace of mind to business owners who might otherwise be worried about potential financial liabilities. They also create a financial incentive for the bonded party to fulfill their obligations since they will be required to pay back any money that is paid out on claims.

How much does a VA fiduciary bond cost?

The cost of a VA fiduciary bond depends on the state in which you reside. The bond must be in an amount set by the Veterans Administration but is typically between $50,000 and $100,000. You can check with your state’s bonding company for more information.


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